Kansas-Nebraska Map

Map of Midwest US territory as of 1854.


A 1854 act to address slavery being allowed in Kansas and Nebraska.

Exact DefinitionEdit

What was it?

Was an act created in 1854, basically a band aid to address the slavery issue of allowing slavery in the new territories created which were Kansas and Nebraska. (we all know how well compromises like that turn out)

What did it do?

It repealed the Missouri Compromise of 1820 and allowed the settlers in the territories themselves to determine if they would have slavery within their boundaries


Important because it was a somewhat keen move by Stephen Douglas who was Senator at the time. Douglas did not care about slavery so he took the weight off his chest and let the settlers decide for themselves, hoping it would ease relations between the North and the South. This backfired and also led to the “Bleeding Kansas” and was a major cause of the civil war.

Additional InformationEdit

The Kansas-Nebraska Act happened because of the 1850 Compromise, new territory was being submitted to the US and addressing wether slavery was to be allowed or not became a major issue.

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