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Mr. Bowman punching a bear in the face


AP US History teacher at Conval

Also is known to be a super hero, and professional jaws-of-life user.


Eric Bowman is considered by most sane students as the best U.S. history teacher at ConVal. He has been living in Peterborough most of his life. He was both born and raised in Peterborough and graduated from ConVal in 1989. He moved away temporarily to attend college and graduate school, but returned here to start a family and be closer to other family.

He has earned a B.A. in History (even though he actually specializes inn Russian and Middle Eastern History!) at the University of New Hampshire and then went to graduate school to study ethics, philosophy, religion, and bears at Yale Divinity School. He earned an M.A. in Religion in 1997 and moved back to Peterborough.

He has been teaching in the Social Studies Department at ConVal for over 12 years now. In his time there he has taught nearly all classes the Social Studies Department has to offer. Most often U.S. History, World Religions, Western World Heritage and Economics. This is his third year teaching the AP U.thumb|left|362px|Though this is not widely known, Mr. Bowman was part of the Danish rock group The Tommy Seebach Band for a short stint in the 1970'sS. History course.

He is also a volunteer firefighter for the Peterborough Fire Department

Mr. Bowman (referred to respectfully as "eewwwwiiiccc") is also a renown Dutch folk singer. He may deny this claim but in the video to the left you can clearly see Mr. Bowman grinning auspiciously behind a well groomed mustache. His career began in The Tommy Seebach Band, then escalated uncontrollably to the majesty fame that he has now.

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