Scandal in Georgia that caused economy problems for Jackson

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What was it?

A scandal among the Cabinet and their wives, and the High Society-type folks in Washington. It began with Margaret O'Neill Eaton who originally married to a man who passed away and was remarried to Senator John Henry Eaton.

What did it do?

The affair began to spread among the women’s social circle. They ostracized Mrs. Eaton because of a rumor they heard that her old husband committed suicide.


Andrew Jackson was a close friend of Mr. Eaton and he immediately didn’t like this; in fact it nearly made him "reorganize" his cabinet. Essentially it caused a huge rift in the administration; Andrew Jackson now sided with Martin Van Buren instead of John C. Calhoun (Whose wife was talking the smack) This new split of power defined the outcome of the Jackson administration later.

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