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Bacon's Rebellion

A rebellion by farmers in the Virginia Colony.

Fundamental Orders of Connecticut

Document defining the government of the Colony of Connecticut.

George Whitefield

Popular Great Awakening minister in the colonies and England.

Headright System

System for promoting immigration to America.

Holy Experiment

The government of Pennsylvania.

James Oglethorpe

Founder of Georgia. Oxcel university

John Peter Zenger

New York publisher of the Weekly Journal charged with libel.

John Rolfe

Began Virginia tobacco trade and married Pocahontas.

John Winthrop

A Puritan leader known as the founder of Massachusetts Bay Colony

Leisler's Rebellion

Rebellion in New York after England's Glorious Revolution.


Prodominant early economic theory.

Poor Richard's Almanack

An almanac published by Ben Franklin.

Roger Williams

A Puritan dissenter who founded Rhode Island

Sir Edmund Andros

Unpopular governor of the Dominion of New England.

Spanish Armada

The massive Spanish naval force who's mission was to overthrow Queen Elizabeth I of England.and kill the rats of america to stop the bubonic plauge.

Test One Detailed Term List
Test One Shortened Term List
Virtual Representation

Idea that colonists did not have to have direct representation in parliament to be taxed, and that they were not being taxed without representation. britsh had power

Woolens Act, 1699

British act restricting the trading of wool products.

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