"2. Discuss the impact of transportation, communication, and production improvements in the 19th century on American society. How did these innovations affect the population of the cities, how work was done, how people lived, how people shopped, and the overall quality of life." See Chapter 17 Notes (Transformation) and Chapter 18 Notes (Industrial Rise) for more information.


  • New Tech
    • Thomas Edison - Famous inventor during the gilded age
      • Light bulb is invented allowing companies or homes to have common electricity too.
      • Creates Edison Illuminating Company which provides electricity / light.
      • Creates Microphone, mimeograph, motion picture camera, film, battery and other inventions
    • Telegraph allowed communication across the nation.
    • Cigarette roller allows cig's to be made at a new unheard new speed.
    • Telephones are invented later after the telegraph but further helps communication.
    • Train Engines on the rise, special manufacturing processes. etc
  • New Manufacturing advances
    • Mineral mines found out in the West.
    • Large influx of new immigrants and labor cheapness.
    • Growth of the railroad allowed expansion and business growth.
    • Steel growth, steel production.
    • Business monopolies
    • Oil boom
    • Advertising
    • etc...