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  • What the test covers and give a rough description of events

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In class notes that covered the chapters that the test will be on. Written online to keep it neat.

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Making concessions in order to avoid war

"Court packing bill”

FDR tries to add more, more liberal Supreme Court justices

"Final Solution"

Hitler's euphemism for killing the Jews

Benito Mussolini

Leader of Fascist Italy during WWII


The Emergency Banking Relief Act: FDR's reorganization of banks during the Depression

Great Migration

Blacks move north to cities

Huey Long

Louisiana liberal and populist, "share our wealth"

Joseph Goebbels

Head of Nazi propaganda

Manhattan Project

Making the A-bomb

Marcus Garvey

Black Nationalist

Midway Island

Turning point of Pacific Theater


FDR's 1933 National Recovery Act, overturned by Supreme Court


Nuke #2

Tennessee Valley Authority

Dams in rural South

Test Six Detailed Term List
Test Six Shortened Term List

New Deal relief and employment agency

“Cash and Carry”

1939, FDR replaces neutrality with this policy

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